Sharing #ElderWisdom on the Neighbourhood


The Colchester Neighbourhood at the Village at St. Clair brought the #ElderWisdom Green bench to the neighbourhood for an afternoon. The neighbours and team members spent a few minutes chatting and engaging in meaningful conversation while the neighbours shared their #ElderWisdom! Many enjoyed a special treat of ice cream together as well.

Here is some of the #ElderWisdom that was shared by the Colchester neighbours:

  • Treat others with respect!
  • Hard work and my faith in God make me stronger.
  • Encourage young people to get a good education and always save for a rainy day.
  • Try everything! You never know until you try.
  • Always be friendly and smile!
  • Don’t forget to call those you love!

Stay tuned as the village continues the #ElderWisdom conversation year around!