#ElderWisdom Bench Visits Schlegel Villages Pursuit of Passions


On June 5th, the #ElderWisdom Green bench attended Schlegel Villages Wisdom of the Elder Event. This years event was Pursuit of Passions, where each village was able to taste and share recipes with each other.

A lot of great wisdom, laughter and smiles were shared on the #ElderWisdom bench. Check out some #ElderWisdom that was shared below:

Darlene shared “To love your family.” and “Share you passion with others.”

” Life will throw you challenges, continue to move forward” and “continue to learn through life” was the wisdom Raymond shared.

Ann shared “Smile. When you get up in the morning, smile!” 🙂

“Laughter is the best medicine” according to Doc.

Doreen shared “Communication is key” and “be involved”.

Honour the wisdom of an elder, and sit and have a conversation!

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