Help Us Celebrate 10 Years of the #ElderWisdom Green Bench in June 2025!

For nearly a decade, the #ElderWisdom green bench has been a symbol of intergenerational connections, fostering meaningful conversations between seniors and the community. This simple green bench has become a place where stories are shared, wisdom is passed down, and connections are made, bridging the gap between generations.

Over the years, the green bench has visited public parks, city halls, libraries, schools, art galleries, and more, bringing people together in various settings to celebrate the wisdom of our elders.

As we head towards celebrating 10 years of these enriching conversations, we need your help! If the green bench were to travel to any location in Canada, where would you suggest it visit? Please share your ideas with us by filling out the form below.

Joan, first person on the green bench, June 2016