#ElderWisdom Chalkboard Wall


As a part of our Culture Change Journey Coleman painted a portion of main street with chalkboard paint to encourage meaningful and shared activities and also to promote Gratitude throughout the village.  We have changed the theme of the wall monthly and June was changed to reflect Senior’s Month and Wisdom of the Elder.  We have encouraged team members, residents, family members and volunteers to share some wisdom they have received from an elder in their life, especially those that call Coleman their home.  We have also asked what we can do to help our residents live their best life and here are some of the things we have come up with:

Remember that they are someone’s Grandparent, Mother, Father, etc.  They aren’t just a Resident in a home.  They used to live a life only they can tell.

Keep them active!

Give them a voice and advocate for those that don’t have one.

By providing an opportunity for the residents to try something new and challenge their skills.

Have patience when they ask you to repeat..

By loving them everyday

“Think hard.  Think before you Act”- Betty H

“Don’t get old, you do stupid things”- Doris K

“Never judge a book by it’s cover”- Tom P

“Love every moment”- Bruce P

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”- Doris K

We look forward to seeing what else make it onto the wall.  We also can’t wait for June 27th when we get to bring down 3 residents to sit on the bench and converse and share some wisdom with the community in Barrie!  –Event Details