Conversations with the community in Whitby

We enjoyed the beautiful outdoors with the residents from The Village of Taunton Mills as they brought the #ElderWisdom bench to the community.

The #ElderWisdom bench at the Whitby Civic Recreation Complex

Date: Friday, June 8th, 2018

“Look to seniors for advice -but do not underestimate what young people have to offer!” -Brian

“I urge the young people of today to never be afraid to try something new” -Kate

#ElderWisdom Visits Tri-Pride Festival

Come and celebrate diversity with the residents from The Village of Winston Park at this years Tri-Pride Music Festival in Victoria Park. The residents will be sitting on the green #ElderWisdom bench at the Victoria Park clock tower ready to talk about the importance of ending stigmatization.

The #ElderWisdom bench at the Tri-Pride Festival

Date: Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

How a little #ElderWisdom and a green bench will tackle ageism in Ontario | CBCKW

‘Change and Love are the only Constants in Life’: #ElderWisdom in the Realm of Inclusion | Village Voice

“There is time for everything. Friends are important.” -Bernice

Seniors Month Kick-off in Mississauga

Residents from The Village of Erin Meadows and Erin Mills Lodge were at the Annual Senior’s Fair hosted by Councillor Pat Saito. The residents were seated on our green #ElderWisdom bench at the front of the Meadowvale Community Centre eager to share their stories and talk about the importance of seniors contributions to the Mississauga community.

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Thank you for visiting the #ElderWisdom bench in Mississauga

Location: Meadowvale Community Centre (6655 Glen Erin Drive)

Date: Friday, June 1st, 2018

Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

“I know a lot more now because of all of my experience.” -Phyllis
“Believe in yourself and good things will usually happen!” -David
“I feel that we would all benefit from going just a little bit slower – learn about each other more, discover and appreciate our world a whole lot more.” -Ernie

Seniors share #ElderWisdom at LaSalle Town Hall

Seniors from The Village of Aspen Lake and The Village at St. Clair brought the #ElderWisdom bench to the community. We are fighting ageism together by encouraging conversation while sharing the importance of seniors contributions to their community.

The #ElderWisdom bench at LaSalle Town Hall

Date: Friday, June 22nd, 2018

101-year-old tackling ageism using #ElderWisdom bench | CBC Windsor

“The best thing about being a senior is that you are able to give advice to younger people on their problems and things that confront them. Advice on how to cope with it, if not solve it. -Ron

Watch for more visits to the Lasalle Night Market on the Events Calendar