Stories from the Green Bench Video Series

One story from each Schlegel Village shared in June 2020.

Ron Frankow, Pinehaven Nursing Home
Douglas Gilmour, The Village of Riverside Glen
Louise Jolliffe, The Village of Aspen Lake
Jim Dornan, The Village of Taunton Mills
Chris Lehman, The Village of Arbour Trails
Norman Harris, The Village of Tansley Woods
Marjorie & Donald McQuire, The Village of Glendale Crossing
Mary St. Marie, The Village at University Gates
Douglas Robinson, The Village of Sandalwood Park
Carole McNeil, Fairview Nursing Home
Joe, The Village at St. Clair
Barry Fitzgerald, Maynard Nursing Home
Vera McCaron, The Village of Humber Heights
Annie Stafford, The Village of Wentworth Heights
Bruce Pinckney, Coleman Care Centre
George Shepherd, The Village of Erin Meadows
Lou Ann LeBlanc, Hamilton Continuing Care
Donna Ash, Erin Mills Lodge
Fred Nichols, The Village of Winston Park