A mothers lesson

My dear mother Marian Kidd instilled in me the belief that it is far less important to present a good impression than it is to make a difference one person at a time…
therein lies the ability to gain wisdom and personal growth rather than a fleeting moment of recognition that fades like an over priced pair of yesterdays newest fashion trend.

-Derik “Dak” Kidd

Exercises at Coleman Care Centre

Here at Coleman Care Center, we have so many residents who are excited and easily encouraged to participate in one to one and group exercises. Since June is seniors month, the physio team thought it would be a good idea to ask our seniors how exercise has impacted them. We wanted to post some of their quotes on our door to inspire others to take part in daily exercise as well. Here is what some of our residents had to say.. 🙂

“It helps keep me moving!” – M.E

“Loosens up my arms and joints!” – L.K

“Makes me feel like I have more energy!” – B.H